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Guide to connecting Quantcast in Funnel

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In order to connect Quantcast to Funnel, there are four bits of information you need to retrieve from your Quantcast account prior to connecting. These are as follows:

  • API Key required for making API requests

  • API Secret required for making API requests

  • Account ID for the desired account

  • Currency that the account uses

There is currently no way for us to programmatically retrieve these values from Quantcast, so they have to be provided manually for now. The process to get this information from your Quantcast account is detailed below.

Retrieving API Key and API Secret

  1. In the Quantcast Platform, click the Profile icon at the top right, then select My Profile.

  2. In the API Key section, click Create API Key.

  3. In the new credentials modal, copy and save your Key and Secret in a safe place before clicking OK.

    Note: You will need to create another set of new credentials if your Key and Secret have been lost or compromised.

Retrieving Account ID(s)

You can access your account IDs within the Quantcast Platform from two different places.

  1. The account ID can be found in the URL. Example:

  2. The account ID can be found by accessing your account(s) list.

Accessing your Account(s) list

  1. Log in to your Quantcast account.

  2. In the Quantcast Platform, click the Account(s) list at the top right, then select View All.

  3. Locate the account ID in the Account(s) list modal.

Note: If you do not see the account you are looking for, contact your Quantcast Platform organization owner to grant account access.

Retrieving Currency

To get the currency of your Quantcast account, please follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Quantcast account.

  2. Select the desired account to connect, if prompted after logging in.

  3. Click the navigation button in the top left part of the menu bar, then select Organization Manager Accounts.

  4. Find the account you want to connect, then click Show Details.

  5. Under the Information tab, look at the currency value that is set for the account. This is the value you want to select when connecting.

Note: If the currency your account uses is not available to be selected when connecting the data source in Funnel, please reach out to support and we will add support for said currency to our integration.

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