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What data can I get from Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
What data can I get from Salesforce Marketing Cloud?


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The Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector, which can be viewed as an Email platform, consists of seven report types/breakdowns:


The Send report type is attributed to the send date and consists of a wide range of properties which is brought in through the Sent object from the API. Documentation can be found here. It contains overall information about email sends; for example totals and unique values.

Email performance

There are six different Email performance breakdowns to choose from; Bounces, Clicks, Not Sent, Opens, Sent and Unsubscribes. Please note that these breakdowns will not be able to fetch all data if they exceed 3 million rows of a certain event per day.

Furthermore, they can easily be merged into one dataset using the Funnel Data Explorer. These report types count events and attributes them to the even date; so whenever something happens it is attributed to that date.

All of the Email performance report types will only count events belonging to email sends that are at most 6 months old. So for example, if someone opens an email that was sent out more than 6 months ago, the corresponding open event will not be counted/included in the data.


Email Name - Specifies the name of an email message associated with a send

Send ID - Read-only identifier for an object. Some objects use the ObjectID property as the Marketing Cloud unique ID
Subscriber Key - An unique ID relating to the email recipient

Event Datetime - Timestamp of the event

Subscriber Key and Event Datetime are optional and will make the report be much more granular. The amount of rows will substantially increase and might be too performance heavy.


Bounces - The total amount of BounceEvent objects.

Clicks - The total amount of ClickEvent objects.

Not Sent - The total amount of NotSentEvent objects.

Opens -The total amount of OpenEvent objects.

Sent - The total amount of SentEvent objects.

Unsubscribes - The total amount of UnsubEvent objects.


Data younger than 2 days will be refreshed every 22 hours. If a backfill is needed then a recommendation is to look at which plan you’re on in order to see how many calls are allowed, since a backfill might eat up your quota. See documentation regarding the limits of the different plans here.

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