How to connect

In order to connect a Salesforce marketing cloud data source you need to install our app within your salesforce organization. You will find the install url in the connect dialogue. To create and install packages you must have the Installed Package | Administer permission. This permission is automatically applied to the Administrator and Marketing Cloud Administrator system-defined roles. Add the permission for a different role or user in the Administration area in order for this to work.

More about this can be found on the official Marketing Cloud documentation.

After the app has been installed, please make sure that the user connecting has access to it within Salesforce. This can be done under Setup>Apps>Installed Packages>Funnel Marketing Cloud Package v2>Access.

The Salesforce marketing cloud connector, which can be viewed as an Email platform, consists of two report types/breakdowns:


The Send report type consists of a wide range of properties which is brought in through the Sent object from the API. Documentation can be found here. It contains overall information about email sends; for example totals and unique values.

Email performance

The Email performance report type counts events and attributes them to the event date; so whenever something happens it is attributed to that date. This goes for sent events and all other events. The data is grouped by send id and date, and can tell how many emails were sent on a specific day.


Email Name - Specifies the name of an email message associated with a send.

Send ID - Read-only identifier for an object. Some objects use the ObjectID property as the Marketing Cloud unique ID


Bounces - The total amount of BounceEvent objects.

Clicks - The total amount of ClickEvent objects.

Not Sent - The total amount of NotSentEvent objects.

Opens -The total amount of OpenEvent objects.

Sent - The total amount of SentEvent objects.


Data younger than 2 days will be refreshed every 22 hours. If a backfill is needed then a recommendation is to look at which plan you’re on in order to see how many calls are allowed, since a backfill might eat up your quota. See documentation regarding the limits of the different plans here.

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