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Common issues when connecting and downloading Semrush data

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Historical data - data sources connected in January 2023 or later

For the Semrush connector, Funnel can't fetch historical data. Therefore, when connecting a new Semrush data source Funnel will only download data for the current day. The next day Funnel will fetch data for that day and so on. So over time, Funnel will create a record of historical data for that Semrush data source.

Note that since we can't fetch historical data we can't backfill or reload old data.

Historical data - data sources connected before January 2023

For older data sources, Funnel will not have the possibility to build up a record for storing historical data. So the data that is shown in Funnel is the actual data for that current day.

If you would like to have the possibility to store historical data you need to connect a new data source.

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