The following are guidelines for designing a reporting API, based on Funnel’s experience from integrating a large number of advertising platforms. Please note that they are guidelines and not strict requirements for Funnel to integrate ads reporting data.

Technical preferences

  • REST, or another simple HTTP protocol for requesting data.
  • HTTPS for secure transport
  • Appropriate HTTPS status codes for “not found”, “forbidden”, “internal error” etc
  • An “access token” unique for each customer/account to secure data access 
  • JSON formatted data for metadata and statistics

Data considerations

  • Account metadata endpoint returning accountId, accountName or similar, createdDate
  • Stats endpoint that delivers per day statistics
  • Parameters to select metrics
  • Parameters to select date range
  • Parameters to select dimensions to group on (e.g campaign, site, category)
  • Expose currency on appropriate level (customer/ad account, or campaign if currency can vary by campaign)

Other requests

  • Access Token easily accessible to the customer from GUI
  • Simple documentation of endpoints and expected data format
  • Technical support contact info
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