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Custom Destination Intro

Learn about Custom Destinations, the benefits of them, and how to request them

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Custom Destinations are available for the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

What is a Custom Destination?

Along with Funnel's core offering of Data Destinations, Integration Engineering offers Custom Destinations to export your Funnel data to a destination of your choice.

Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, and more)

  • Platforms (Adobe Analytics, and more)

  • Clients' own internal APIs

  • On-premises servers and storage

  • Data lakes

  • Data warehouses

  • Dashboards

Benefits of a Custom Destination

Custom Destinations ensure that your data reaches the desired destination directly from Funnel, for example bypassing cloud object storage and reducing the number of steps to maintain in your data pipeline. Some customers also prefer to keep their data on-premises, avoiding cloud storage entirely. By serving these use cases, Custom Destinations help you maximize the value of your data and your Funnel experience.

For further details on engaging with our Integration Engineers for Custom Destinations, visit here.

How do I request a Custom Destination?

You can request a Custom Destination by going to the Share section of the Funnel application and request a connection from the list of Custom Destinations. If the destination you seek isn't listed, don't hesitate to send it to us using the request button at the bottom of the page. Integration Engineering will then have a dialogue with you for next steps.

How can I make my Custom Destination request go as fast and smooth as possible?

  • Be prepared to provide us with the details of the request, such as destination, desired fields and number of shares needed, as well as additional information around the use case of the share(s). This will help us determine the best implementation for your request.

  • We require working authentication (IP whitelisting, public key) to create a Custom Destination.

  • It is helpful if you can provide a saved Data Explorer View (in the Funnel application) of the data you want to export.

  • Provide any information/documentation for the end destination, such as platform requirements, API documentation, database driver, query, etc.

Potential limitations

While we have a very high win rate for implementing Custom Destination, we can’t guarantee we can build everything. Here are some requirements for implementation:

  • The database/storage must be connected to the internet.

  • We need sufficient permissions to be able to upload, modify, and possibly delete data.

  • The end destination data model must be compatible with Funnel's data model. (We can discuss this with you for clarity.)

  • We must use secure ways to interact with the end destination - this keeps you and Funnel safe.

  • The data volumes you will export need to follow Funnel's Fair Usage policy.

  • We’re bound by platform Terms of Services and so sometimes cannot offer certain types of data.

If you want to share data through a method not mentioned here, get in touch with us! We are always happy to investigate new solutions of sharing data out of Funnel.

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