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What are Data Source Templates and how do I use them?
What are Data Source Templates and how do I use them?

If you find yourself connecting Data Sources with identical configurations often and want to save time, continue reading!

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What are Data Source Templates?

The Data Source Templates feature allows you as a Subscription Owner to save configurations for individual Connectors. The template then becomes available for all other users in your Subscription. This feature comes in handy if you're e.g. working at an agency and connecting Data Sources with the same configuration repeatedly, or if you have a project to set up Funnel in a similar way for different brands.

Where do I add new Templates?

New Data Source Templates are added in the "Configure Data Sources" step in the Connect flow. There is no limitation on how many templates you can create.

What happens when I delete a Template?

The template disappears from the interface and is no longer available to use when connecting. All Data Sources which have been connected using the removed template will remain in the same state as before you removed the template.

Can I edit the content of a Template?

In this version, you can edit the name of a template, not the configuration it consist of. If you want to update a template you can simply delete the old one, add a new, and give it the same name or a versioned name.

Who can create, use and delete a Template?

Subscription Owners are the only ones that can add and delete templates. The templates are visible and usable to all Users with Edit rights. Note that this feature is only available for Business and Enterprise plans, contact support if you're interested in trying it out!

Why aren't Templates available for all Connectors?

Some Connectors have unique and individual configurations connected to the account they are connected to, e.g. CRM platforms. There are also some Connectors that doesn't support templates due to technical limitations, e.g. DV360 and CM360. If you have any questions and have the need to create and use templates for a non-supported connector, please reach out to support! We'd love to hear your thoughts and needs!

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