Universal Analytics deprecation FAQ

What will happen in Funnel when your Google Analytics UA properties shuts down.

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You can find Google's official information on the upcoming deprecation here.

What will happen on the 1st July?

On the 1st of July, Google will permanently shut down the Universal Analytics platform and delete all data stored in the platform.

Will my data be safe in Funnel?

Yes, any data you have already connected to Funnel will remain stored in Funnel even after UA shuts down, as long as you don't remove your data sources. No action is required to keep your data.

Should I migrate to GA4 now?

If you haven't already done so, we strongly recommend that you migrate to GA4 as soon as possible. Figuring out how to solve your reporting needs in a new platform may take some time, so you should aim to be done well before the final deadline for UA.

How long will Funnel support the UA platform in Funnel?

You will be able to connect new UA data sources and edit the configuration on existing data sources up until July the 1st. Note that sometimes historical data can take more than a day to download, so a data source connected too late may not have time to finish in time.

Can I still load historical data after the 1st July deadline?

No. Once the deadline is past there will no longer exist any data in UA to import. Therefore it is very important to make sure you have everything you need before then.​

I'm an analytics 360 user, do I have more time?

No, the July 1st deadline applies equally to all UA accounts.

I need more help migrating to GA4.

You can read about which fields in UA maps to what fields in GA4 here, and more about how to make switching analytics platform as seamless as possible here.

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