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Search Ads 360 - Migration guide
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New vs old Search Ads 360 connector

Since early 2024, SA360 has had two APIs for Search Ads 360 (SA360). In this article we will call them "new" and "old". The same goes when you connect a new source in Funnel. "Search Ads 360" will create a connection using the old SA360 API while "New Search Ads 360" will use the new API.

The old API will be shut down on June 30th 2024. Funnel will continue to support the old API as long as it is available. When SA360 removes it, Funnel will no longer be able to fetch data from the API but data that is already downloaded to Funnel will still be available.

Moving from the old SA360 to the new SA360

It is not technically possible to migrate sources from the old to the new API in Funnel. You will therefore need to connect new sources if you want Funnel to continue downloading data after SA360 closes down the old API.

Data level

In the old SA360 connector it was possible to connect data sources on Advertiser or Engine Account level. A source connected on Advertiser level would fetch data for all Engine Accounts connected to that advertiser.

The new API is based on SA360's new account hierarchy described by the image below:

Due to limitations in the new API it is no longer possible to connect sources on a higher level (manager account or sub-manager account level). All sources must be connected on the lowest level (client account level). This means that one Advertiser source in the old connector might have to be replaced by multiple sources in the new SA360 connector.

Will I be able to connect all engine accounts from old SA360 in the new?

Possibly, but not certainly. In order for an account to be available to connect in Funnel it must have been migrated to the new SA360. From what we've seen accounts that haven't been running in the past two years may not be available. However, all accounts available in the new SA360 UI should be possible to import into Funnel.

Data doesn't match between the old and the new connector

It's best to always use the SA360 UI as the source of truth when validating your data. Data from the old connector doesn't necessarily match the new API, which is why it may not be the most suited for validation.

SA360 renamed/removed some fields in the new SA360 APIs. All available fields for the new connector are listed under "Dimensions and Metrics" in the What data can I get from the new Search Ads 360 connector? article.

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