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Funnel's Core Connectors and Custom Connectors allow you to integrate with hundreds of marketing platforms and apps to collect your marketing data.

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How to troubleshoot a data import mismatch

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Salesforce disclaimer
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Google Universal Analytics – Troubleshooting
How to troubleshoot your Google Analytics data source using GA's Query Explorer
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Facebook Ads Mismatch
How to report a data import mismatch
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Why does the data source say 'Invalid credentials'?
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Google Ads – Troubleshooting
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Facebook Ads changes to Lifetime Data Sources
Reporting a Facebook Ads data mismatch
Facebook Pages – Troubleshooting
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Display & Video 360 (DoubleClick Bid Manager) - Troubleshooting
Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) - Troubleshooting
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File Import Troubleshooting
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Trouble connecting a Google Sheets import?
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LinkedIn - Troubleshooting
Mediamath – troubleshooting
Outbrain - Troubleshooting
Pinterest – Troubleshooting
Rakuten Affiliate Network – troubleshooting
Seznam – Troubleshooting
ShareASale – Troubleshooting
Amazon Ad Server - Troubleshooting
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TikTok – Troubleshooting
X Ads – Troubleshooting
X Organic (Twitter Organic) – Troubleshooting
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Unable to show your data - "Too many rows"
Remote platform quota issues
Measuring GA4 Sessions
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LINE Ads – Troubleshooting
Google Sheets - Sheet data not updating
Integral Ad Science (IAS) – Troubleshooting

How to edit a file import configuration
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How often does Funnel import data?
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Retrieval and storage of data from each source
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Understanding how to view Facebook data from Campaigns, Posts, and Boosted Posts
Why are some of the fields in my Workspace greyed out?
Why is the currency for my newest connection set to USD?
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Google Analytics - Custom dimensions
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Google Universal Analytics - Segments
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HubSpot permissions explained
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