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What data can I get from Yandex Market?
What data can I get from Yandex Market?

Available Yandex Market fields.

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About Yandex Market


Data from Yandex Market is not available until the day after the report date.

Yandex Units

Yandex market has their own currency, Yandex units. Monetary metrics are available in this unit. They are suffixed with (Yandex units).




Shop ID

Offer ID

Offer name

Offer URL


Accepted orders GMV

Accepted orders GMV (Yandex units)

Accepted orders items

Accepted orders

Accepted orders CPA spending

Accepted orders CPA spending (Yandex units)


CPA spending

CPA spending (Yandex units)

Created orders

Created orders CPA spending

Created orders CPA spending (Yandex units)

Created orders GMV

Created orders GMV (Yandex units)

Created orders items

Mobile accepted orders items

Mobile order items

Mobile clicks

Mobile spending

Mobile spending (Yandex units)

Order items


Spending (Yandex units)

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