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What data can I get from Yandex Direct?
What data can I get from Yandex Direct?
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There are three report types you can choose between when connecting Yandex Direct: Campaign Performance, Ad Performance, and Criteria Performance . What report type you select determines what dimensions you will get. Regardless of what report type or dimensions you choose, you get the following metrics.

Common Fields

The following dimensions and metrics will available for all report.

Common dimensions

  • Campaign Name

  • Campaign Type

  • Campaign ID

  • Client ID

  • Ad Network Type

Common metrics

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Bounces

  • Conversions

  • Sessions

  • Cost

  • Revenue

Report specific dimensions

Campaign performance dimensions

  • Ad Format

  • External Network Name

Ad performance dimensions

  • Ad Extensions

  • Ad Format

  • Ad Group ID

  • Ad Group Name

  • Ad Href

  • Ad ID

  • Ad Text

  • Ad Title

  • Ad Title2

  • External Network Name

Criteria performance dimensions

  • Ad Group ID

  • Ad Group Name

  • Criterion

  • Criterion ID

  • Criterion Type

Optional Dimensions

The following dimensions are optionally selectable for all reports

  • Age

  • Carrier Type

  • Device

  • External Network Name

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Match Type

  • Mobile Platform

  • Placement

  • Slot

  • Targeting Location

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