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Facebook has announced the removal of some attribution windows for Facebook advertising, although the date for these changes has not been confirmed. We want to give a heads up with the information we have to date and what you can expect from Funnel.

Update April 27th, 2021: Yesterday, April 26th at 10 pm Central European Time, Facebook announced that these changes will take effect today, April 27th.

What is changing?

Due to ongoing changes in the tracking ecosystem, Facebook will be deprecating some attribution windows with regards to conversion tracking. Specifically, 28 day and 7 day conversion windows for view-through conversions are going away, along with 28 day conversion windows for click-through conversions.

How will this impact my data?

This will only effect your data if you have the following attribution windows selected in Funnel:

  • 28-day click-through

  • 28-day view-through

  • 7-day view-through

Please note that this will only affect the conversion and action statistics and not other metrics such as cost, clicks and impressions.

From today, April 27th data sources in Funnel that rely on the above conversion windows automatically change and adopt new conversion windows. The attribution window settings of affected data sources will change as follows:

As the attribution settings for these data sources are updated, downloads of data will change. This means that rows of data for dates leading up to the change will have the old attribution window, and rows of data for dates after the change will have the new attribution window.

If you prefer to have historical data updated to the new attribution window you will be able to reconfigure your data source, triggering a redownload of all historical data up to 36 months.

How do I know if my data sources will be affected?

On the Data Sources page in Funnel you will find which attribution windows are configured for each data source:

If a data source is configured to use attribution windows that are going away (28 day click-through, 28 view-through, 7 day view-through) it will change and adopt new attribution windows as per the translation table above.

Are there any actions required from me?

No, you do not need to take any actions. Affected data sources will be updated automatically and data will continue to be downloaded with the new attribution window configuration.

If you prefer to pre-empt this change, you can do so by reconfiguring your data sources. This will change the historical data and thereby allow you to have consistent attribution windows for all rows in the data source. By editing the configuration of an existing Facebook Ads data source, you will trigger a redownload of all historical data up to 36 months.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@funnel.io, we're happy to help!

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