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Credentials is the name that Funnel uses for a set of secrets that are needed to fetch data from a third party platform. This can be a username/password combination or an access token or something different that is required by the third party platform.


Credentials are used to create a data source that can download data to Funnel on our customers behalf.

Creating Credentials

Credentials will automatically be created when you connect a data source that uses them when you press the New Credentials button.

Reusing Credentials

After a Credential has been setup it can be used to connect more data sources without providing any more information. The specific Credential to use can be selected when the data source is created.

Updating Credentials

If the Credentials of a data source needs to be updated you can simply reconnect your data source and the Credentials will automatically be updated. If you are using the same Credential for several data sources you only need to update one of them. The other data sources that are using the same Credential will automatically be fixed as well.
Note that this only applies to the data sources that your funnel user has connected, since Credentials are personal. See the ownership section.


A Credential is owned by the Funnel user that originally created it. It can only be used by that user.

Managing my credentials

The Credentials that your Funnel user has connected can be seen and managed from the My Credentials page. The page can be accessed by expanding the user menu to the top right and clicking My credentials.

Storing credentials

Every Credential is sensitive information and it is important that they cannot be read or used by unwanted parties. To ensure that this can never happen we are encrypting the credentials. This is done when transferring Credentials between different parts of the system as well as when storing the Credentials in the database.

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