Please note that it's only possible to add and remove fields from your file import configuration at the moment.

To edit your file import configuration, start by heading to the Data Sources section and clicking on your File Import. You’ll then need to click on the ‘Manage file import’ before clicking on ‘Edit configuration’ in the top right corner of this section.

How does Funnel handle added fields?

When Funnel detects a field that wasn’t present in the previous file, you’ll have the option to add this field to your configuration.

When adding a new field to your configuration, Funnel will look back through the previous files to see if this field was present in those files. If they were, Funnel would import the data from these files too.

How does Funnel handle removed fields?

If Funnel detects a missing field in your latest file, you’ll need to either remove this field from the configuration or upload a new file containing the missing field.

If you remove a field from your configuration, Funnel will not import this field going forward, but the historical data will still be available.

How does Funnel handle renamed fields?

If a field in your file is renamed from, e.g. “Cost” to “Spend”, you’ll need to remove the “Cost” field and add the “Spend” field.

From then on, Funnel would only import the data as “Spend”. Data previously imported as “Cost” would still be available and could be mapped with the new “Spend” field by creating a custom metric.

You can learn more about creating custom metrics and dimensions in this article.

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