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File Import FAQ

Frequently asked questions about importing files to Funnel

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Does Funnel support zip files?

Yes! You can upload .zip files to Funnel manually or via scheduled email imports using the File Import feature. Other archived file types such as 7Z and RAR are not supported at the moment.

What file types does Funnel support?

Funnel currently supports the following files types:

  • CSV

  • TSV

  • XLSX

  • ZIP (containing one or more of the file types above)

If your file has a different extension (such as XLS or EML), please convert the file to a supported format.

Can I upload data without a date?

To import data via a file, the file must contain a date column. If your data cannot be aggregated by date, you can try importing your data via a Google Sheet instead.

Can a date column include a timestamp?

If your date column includes a timestamp, you may find that Funnel removes the timestamp or replaces the time with a string of '0s'. Data cannot be aggregated by time at the moment, and date formats that include timestamps are not supported.

If you would like to see the timestamp in Funnel, you could try formatting your field as a string instead of a date when configuring your Data Source.

Can I upload data for dates in the future?

Yes! Uploading data connected to a date in the future works exactly the same as uploading data for a date in the past. You should be able to see this data in Funnel and in your shared locations.

Can I delete files after they've been successfully imported to Funnel?

Once a file has been successfully imported, you are unable to delete the file, but you can overwrite the data from those files.

In order to overwrite the data, all you need to do is import a new file with a blank row per date. This is because the data is stored by date in Funnel, and importing a file with the same date again will overwrite the data for that specific date.


Data from the previous file (the one you want to "delete"):

New file used to overwrite the previous data:

To delete a larger date range, please refer to the Missing Data section in our troubleshooting article.

Is there a maximum file size for imports?

There is only a maximum file size for email attachments (30MB). Manually uploaded files and files from email links do not have a limit in theory, but the import may time out if the file is too large.

Can I update the File Import configuration after the initial setup?

Yes, you can edit the majority of options after creating your Data Source. You can learn more in this article.

If you would like to make other changes, please create a new Data Source or contact Funnel support and we'll try our best to help.

Can I use the name of the file to segment my data?

You're unable to create Custom Dimensions and Metrics using the name of a file, as the name of the file isn't available as a Dimension in Funnel at the moment.

Can I use a different currency for each monetary field?

You're unable to use different currencies for each monetary field at the moment. You can only set the currency per row (by creating/including a currency field/column) or set the currency for the file as a whole.

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