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How to keep sources connected after deleting a user
How to keep sources connected after deleting a user

Step-by-step guide to make sure sources keep running after an off-boarding

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If a user is removed from Funnel, any sources connected by that user will have to be reconnected at some point. Either proactively as the user holding the Credential will no longer have access to Reconnect if needed. Or reactively if the Credential breaks as the removed user might also have lost access to the accounts the data sources point towards (e.g. the person quit the company). Here's how that can be achieved in a simple and efficient way.

Note that the Credentials stored on a user will not break the moment a user is removed, but it's a good idea to Reconnect anyways.

Before you start

First, make sure the user that's replacing the off-boarded one have access to all the accounts that are about to be reconnected.

Google Sheets

For Google Sheets, this means you will have to share all connected documents with the new user being connected.

You can find the sheets by clicking a source title in the Data Sources page, clicking Edit configuration and finally clicking the document title.

Once in a Google Sheets document, click Share in the top right corner and invite the new user.

Updating connections

1. In the data sources page, add the columns Credential title and Credential subtitle.

2. Using the search bar, you should be able to filter on sources running on credentials provided by the user that’s about to be off-boarded.

3. Once your data source contains a reasonable list of sources: select all → click Actions → click Reconnect sources.

4. Now you will be able to provide your own credentials for all selected platforms.

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