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How to request Vimeo data in Funnel
How to request Vimeo data in Funnel

Leverage your Vimeo data in Funnel via Custom Connectors

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If your use case requires this data in Funnel, you can request it as a Custom Connector.

Custom Connectors and the Custom Connector Request feature are available in the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

User Videos Report

  • Date

  • Name

  • Total Plays

  • Updated At

How to Request this Custom Connector

To request Vimeo data, submit a Custom Connector Request (see link here for instructions).

If you are interested in Vimeo data that hasn't been covered here, we would like to encourage you to connect with our Integration Engineering team by submitting a Custom Connector Request. They will be more than happy to explore the potential of obtaining additional data.

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