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How to connect Zemanta

Setting up a Zemanta source to get the data you want

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To create you will have to create an application here. When you have created the app, you will receive the client ID and client secret needed to connect. This is explained in more detail in Zemanta's documentation.

Select report

Pick the report you want. This article shows what dimensions and metrics are available.

Custom conversions

Enter a comma separated list of all conversion metrics you want downloaded.

You must include an attribution type, either View attribution or Click attribution.

To include an attribution type, add " - View attr." or " - Click attr." to the end of the metric name.

Example: You have two custom conversions called MyGoal and MyOtherGoal. If you want view attribution for MyGoal and click attribution for MyOtherGoal you enter:

MyGoal - View attr., MyOtherGoal - Click attr.

Available attribution types

  • Click attr.

  • View attr.

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