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How to request Facebook Custom Audience data in Funnel
How to request Facebook Custom Audience data in Funnel

Leverage your Facebook Ads (by Meta) custom audience data in Funnel via Custom Connectors.

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If your use case requires this in Funnel, you can request it as a Custom Connector.

Custom Connectors and the Custom Connector Request feature are available in the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

Custom audiences allow advertisers to target their ads to a specific set of people with whom they have already established a relationship on/off Facebook. The Facebook Custom Audiences Custom Connector supports Lookalike and Saved Audiences as well.

Custom Audience Fields

  • Approximate Count Lower Bound: Lower bound of the approximate number of people in this audience. A call for this field returns -1 for inactive lookalikes.

  • Approximate Count Upper Bound: Upper bound of the approximate number of people in this audience. A call for this field returns -1 for inactive lookalikes.

  • Customer File Source: Source of customer information in the uploaded file

  • Data Source: JSON dictionary of type, sub_type to indicate by which method the custom audience was created.

    Note: Subtypes IG_BUSINESS_EVENTS, FB_EVENT_SIGNALS and MULTI_DATA_EVENTS can only be created through Ads Manager, Audience Manager, and not through the API.

  • Delivery Status: JSON dictionary of code and description. It indicates whether or not an audience can be used in ads. Possible values include:

    • 200: Returned if the audience is active and ready to be used.

    • 300: Returned if the audience is smaller than it should be. This audience is currently inactive and cannot be used.

    • 400 and above: Returned if the audience is not usable for a variety of reasons, including policy violation.

  • Description: Custom audience description

  • External Event Source: Read-only JSON dictionary with key id containing the pixel id whose traffic generated this custom audience

  • Custom Audience ID: Custom audience ID

  • Is Value Based: Whether the audience is used to seed value based lookalike

  • Lookalike Audience IDs: The IDs of the lookalike audiences generated from this audience

  • Lookalike Spec: Generated only when the subtype is LOOKALIKE. More info at Lookalike Audience

  • Name: Custom audience name

  • Operation Status: JSON dictionary of code to int value and description to a description string. The operation status represents the status of the last operation performed on an audience. In general, it will have following states:

    • 0: Status not available

    • 100: If an audience hasn't been used in an active ad set for over 2 years, it will begin to expire. Expiring audiences that remain unused for 90 days will be deleted.

    • 200: Normal. There is no updating or issues found

    • 400: Warning. There is some message we would like advertisers to know

    • 410: No upload. No file has been uploaded

    • 411: Low match rate. Low rate of matched people

    • 412: High rate of invalid entries in the last upload session. Customer file has unusable data

    • 414: Replace in progress

    • 415: Replace failed

    • 421: No pixel. Your Facebook pixel hasn't been installed on your website yet

    • 422: Pixel not firing. Your Facebook pixel isn't firing

    • 423: Invalid pixel. Your Facebook pixel is invalid

    • 431: Lookalike Audience refresh failed

    • 432: Lookalike Audience build failed

    • 433: Lookalike Audience build failed

    • 434: Lookalike Audience build retrying

    • 441: We're finding people who fit your audience criteria. You can start running ads with this audience right away, but be aware that your audience size will increase as the audience is populated

    • 442: Your Custom Audience could not be prefilled

    • 450: This audience either hasn't been used in an ad for at least 30 days or was created over 90 days ago and has never been used. For this reason, your audience is out of date.

    • 470: The account that created this audience is no longer active

    • 500: Error: there is some error and advertisers need to take action items to fix the error

  • Opt Out Link: Your opt-out URL so people can choose not to be targeted

  • Permission For Actions: JSON dictionary of permissions (string) to boolean value if the custom audience has that permission

  • Pixel ID: ID of the pixel which is collecting events for this Website Custom audience

  • Retention Days: Number of days to keep the user in this cluster. You can use any value between 1 and 180 days. Defaults to forever, if not specified. Only available for Customer File Custom Audience, including Custom Audiences created from CRM data.

  • Rule: Audience rules to be applied on the referrer URL

  • Rule Aggregation: Aggregation on top of the rule, examples of aggregations include: count, sum etc

  • Sharing Status: Sharing status of this custom audience for the ad account

  • Subtype: Type of custom audience, derived from original data source.
    Note: Subtypes IG_BUSINESS, FB_EVENT, EXPERIMENTAL and MULTI_DATA can only be created through Ads Manager, Audience Manager, and not through the API.

  • Time Content Updated: Last update of people in this custom audience, this field is only supported for Customer List Custom Audiences.

  • Time Created: Creation time

  • Time Updated: Last time this audience metadata was updated

Lookalike Audience Fields

  • Lookalike Audience Name: The Custom Audience name

  • Lookalike Spec Type: similarity or reach

  • Lookalike Spec Starting Ratio: Start percentage for lookalike. For example, starting_ratio 0.01 and ratio 0.02 creates a lookalike from 1% to 2% of a lookalike segment. starting_ratio must be less than ratio

  • Lookalike Spec Ratio: 0.01-0.20 incremented by 0.01. Top x% of original audience in a selected country

  • Lookalike Spec Allow International Seeds: At least 100 seed audience members from a country. If not, allow_international_seeds set to true means Facebook finds this minimum number of audience members in another country. Default false.

  • Lookalike Spec Country: Find lookalike audience members in this country

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec: Find audience members in these locations. List of countries or country groups such as Asia

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec Geo Locations: Include these locations

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec Geo Locations Countries: Target countries. Array of country codes, see Targeting Search API, Countries. Example: 'countries': ['US']

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec Geo Locations Country Groups: Target countries in global regions and free trade areas. Array of country group codes. For full options, see Targeting, Location, country_groups and Targeting Search, country_groups. Example: 'country_groups': ['asia','mercosur']

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec Excluded Geo Locations: Locations to exclude

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec Excluded Geo Locations Countries: Same as countries under geo_locations

  • Lookalike Spec Location Spec Excluded Geo Locations Country Groups: Same as country_groups under geo_locations

  • Origin Audience ID: ID of Custom Audience. Origin audiences must have at least 100 members.

Saved Audience Fields

  • Approximate Count Lower Bound: Estimated lower bound on reach of this saved audience as a 64 bit int

  • Approximate Count Upper Bound: Estimated upper bound on reach of this saved audience as a 64 bit int

  • Description: Description of this saved audience provided by owner

  • Permission for Actions: Permissions for actions to the audience

  • Run Status: Whether the saved audience is active or deleted

  • Saved Audience ID: ID of this saved audience

  • Saved Audience Name: Name of this saved audience

  • Sentence Lines: The targeting sentence lines of this saved audience

  • Targeting: Target spec saved in this audience

  • Time Created: Creation time of this saved audience

  • Time Updated: Last time the saved audience being updated by its owner

How to Request this Custom Connector

To request Facebook Ads (by Meta) custom audience data, submit a Custom Connector Request (see link here for instructions).

Please Include the Following Information in your Custom Connector Request

  • Under "Where does the data come from?" enter "Facebook Custom Audiences"

  • The list of Facebook Data Sources custom audience data is required for.

  • Permission to use credentials from Core Data Source for Custom Connector

For pricing questions or to request access to Custom Connectors please reach out to your Customer Success Partner or the Funnel Support team.

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