Reddit - Troubleshooting
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How to connect Reddit

Reddit is connected with OAuth. The Funnel app will re-direct you to Reddit where you grant Funnel access to read data from ad accounts. This Reddit help article describes how to add users to your ad account.

If the connection fails, please reach out to your Reddit account manager and verify that API access is enabled for the Ads API and for the ad account in question. This Ads API is currently in "beta test" and is easy missed when configuring access in Reddit. Make sure you get API authorization for both business ids and account ids.

Data mismatch

Make sure that you maintain the same timezone on both your Funnel data source as in the Reddit interface. In cases where no timezone has been specified at the Reddit account, we will automatically set it to GMT as a default on the Funnel source. Please reach out to your Reddit client partner or Reddit account manager to set a specific timezone on your Reddit account.

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