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How to request Twitter/X Ads budget data in Funnel
How to request Twitter/X Ads budget data in Funnel

Leverage your Twitter/X Ads budget data in Funnel via Custom Connectors.

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The Twitter/X Ads API offers budget and other metadata unavailable in Funnel's Twitter/X Ads Core Connector. If your use case requires this in Funnel, you can request it as a Custom Connector.

Custom Connectors and the Custom Connector Request feature are available in the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.


  • Account ID

  • Budget Optimization

  • Campaign ID

  • Created At

  • Currency

  • Deleted

  • Effective Status

  • Entity Status

  • Frequency Cap

  • Funding Instrument ID

  • Name

  • Purchase Order Number

  • Reasons Not Servable

  • Servable

  • Standard Delivery

  • Updated At


  • Daily Budget Amount

  • Duration in Days

  • Total Budget Amount

Notes on this Custom Connector

You can map your budget data to your other Twitter/X Ads data using lookups in Funnel.

To achieve this, the budget data is imported using single partition, which means that every 4 hours the whole dataset refreshes.

How to Request this Custom Connector

To request Twitter/X Ads budget data, submit a Custom Connector Request (see link here for instructions).

Please Include the Following Information in your Custom Connector Request

  • Under "Where does the data come from?" enter "Twitter/X Ads Budget"

  • The list of Twitter/X Ads Data Sources budget data is required for

  • Permission to use credentials from Core Data Source for Custom Connector

For pricing questions or to request access to Custom Connectors please reach out to your Customer Success Partner or the Funnel Support team.

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