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How to request Instagram Stories data in Funnel
How to request Instagram Stories data in Funnel

Leverage your Instagram Stories Insights in Funnel via Custom Connectors.

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The Instagram API offers Stories Insights unavailable in Funnel's Insight Insights Core Connector. If your use case requires this data in Funnel, you can request it as a Custom Connector.

Custom Connectors and the Custom Connector Request feature are available in the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

What Stories Data Can I Get


  • Caption: Caption. Excludes album children. The @ symbol is excluded, unless the app user can perform admin-equivalent tasks on the Facebook Page connected to the Instagram account used to create the caption.

  • Instagram ID: The Media ID.

  • Media Product Type: Surface where the media is published. Can be AD, FEED, STORY or REELS.

  • Media URL: The URL for the media. The media_url field is omitted from responses if the media contains copyrighted material or has been flagged for a copyright violation. Examples of copyrighted material can include audio on reels.

  • Owner: Instagram user ID who created the media. Only returned if the app user making the query also created the media; otherwise, username field is returned instead.

  • Permalink: Permanent URL to the media.

  • Short Code: Shortcode to the media.

  • Timestamp: ISO 8601-formatted creation date in UTC (default is UTC ±00:00).

  • Thumbnail Url: Media thumbnail URL. Only available on VIDEO media.

  • Username: Username of user who created the media.


  • Follows: This is how many accounts started following you.

  • Navigation: This is the total number of actions taken from your story. These are made up of metrics like exited, forward, back and next story.

    • Results broken down by the profile UI component that viewers tapped or clicked after viewing the app user's profile. Response values can be:


      • CALL


      • EMAIL

      • OTHER

      • TEXT

  • Profile Activity: The number of actions people take when they visit your profile after engaging with your story.

    • Results broken down by the navigation action taken by the viewer upon viewing the media. Response values can be:

      • TAP_BACK

      • TAP_EXIT



  • Profile Visits: The number of times your profile was visited.

  • Shares: The number of shares of your story.

  • Total Interactions: The number of replies and shares for your story.

Notes on this Custom Connector

Instagram Stories data is only available for the first 24 hours after the story was created, after that point, it is no longer accessible via the API. Please note historical backfills are impossible.

How to Request this Custom Connector

To request Instagram Stories Insights, submit a Custom Connector Request (see link here for instructions).

Please Include the Following Information in your Custom Connector Request

  • Under "Where does the data come from?" enter "Instagram Stories"

  • The list of Instagram Insights Data Sources budget data is required for

  • Permission to use credentials from Core Data Source for Custom Connector

For pricing questions or to request access to Custom Connectors please reach out to your Customer Success Partner or the Funnel Support team.

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