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Xing - Troubleshooting

Common issues with Xing

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If you cannot connect your Xing source

Make sure you have followed the steps in our help article How to connect Xing. If you still have problem connecting to Xing, please reach out to Funnel support.

Comparing data from Xing with Funnel

To compare data in Xing with Funnel, you need to login to Xing AdManager. Once logged in you select the customer you want to compare the data for. Every customer in the Xing AdManager corresponds to a data source in Funnel.

Comparing video metrics

In Xing, video metrics are shown as percentages but in Funnel these values are shown as absolute numbers. The calculation is the ratio between the fields "Xs Watched" and "Video Plays". For example, the percentage for 10 seconds watched is calculated as: "10s Watched" / "Video Plays".

Can I get data from Xing BrandManager?

No, Xing does not currently offer an API to retrieve data from Xing BrandManager. The Xing connector in Funnel only downloads data from Xing AdManager.

Can I get organic data from Xing?

No, Xing does not currently offer an API to retrieve organic data.

How far back in time can I get data from Xing?

By default the Xing connector will download data as far back as two years. If your account was created before then and you would like to extend download of historical data further back, you can contact and request a specific date.

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