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What data can I get from Trivago?
What data can I get from Trivago?

Dimensions and metrics for Trivago.

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  • City

  • Country

  • Hotel name

  • POS – Point of Sale is the trivago platform on which your inventory is displayed.

  • Partner reference

  • Rating

  • Region

  • Stars

  • Trivago ID

  • Trivago URL – This is a direct link to this property on trivago.


  • Average CPC – The Average Cost-Per-Click indicates the average amount you have been charged for a click.

  • Bookings – Bookings indicates the number of your transactions as tracked by the trivago Tracking Pixel.

  • Clicks – Clicks indicates the number of clicks as counted by trivago.

  • Cost – Cost indicates the total CPC cost.

  • Gross revenue – Gross Revenue indicates your total booking value as tracked by the trivago tracking pixel. Also known as Booking Amount.

  • Hotel impressions – Hotel Impr is the number of impressions received for a hotel. An impression is recorded for all hotels on a search results page, when a user makes at least one click on any hotel on the page. Why it matters: The impressions help you to understand the traffic-potential of a specific hotel. The higher the impressions are, the higher the potential is.

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