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What data can I get from Tapjoy?
What data can I get from Tapjoy?

Dimensions and metrics for Tapjoy.

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  • URL

  • Ad ID

  • Ad name

  • Ad set ID – Also known as 'Ad group ID'.

  • Ad set name – Also known as 'Ad group name'.

  • App ID

  • App name

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign name

  • Campaign objective

  • Geo – The country in which the user viewed the ad.

  • Name Suffix


  • Call to action clicks

  • Engagement installs – The number of installs inferred from engagements.

  • Conversions

  • Media watched 100% actions – The number of times the media was watched at 100% of its length, including watches that skipped to this point.

  • Paid Clicks

  • Spend

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