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What data can I get from Pipedrive?
What data can I get from Pipedrive?
Discover what data you can get from our Pipedrive connector.
Written by Alexandra Johansson
Updated over a week ago

There are several Pipedrive source types in development and at the moment you can fetch data about Pipedrive Deals. See which data you can get down below.

Pipedrive Deals

The Pipedrive Deals connector fetches almost all fields for each deal in the connected Pipedrive account. Both Pipedrive defined fields and custom defined fields are included.

Funnel derived columns

  • Number of Deals

  • Pipeline Name

  • Stage Name


When connecting to Pipedrive we need certain scopes that are specified in our app in Pipedrive. These are unfortunately the same for every connector. Because of this, we need access to all of the scopes listed, regardless of which connector you are using.

For better performance, we need to be able to use Filters in the Pipedrive API, and that

requires full access (we need to be able to create and delete the filters). This is the reason the we request full access on some objects. We don't use the full access for anything else.

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