How to Connect Adjust
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API token

First locate you API token which is your user credentials, learn where to find it here.

App token

Then you need to locate your App token, which can be found under App details in Adjust. Read more here.


Selecting Report will decide if you get data per event date (Standard) or if you get revenue data in an a cohort grouped on install date (Cohort).

The cohort report has an extra dimension called Period which for a 7 day Cohort window will have values between 0 and 6 where "0" has values for the install date and "6" is 6 days after the user installed the app. This is if you are using "Day" as Cohort Period, if you are using "Week" then the Period value "0" will mean the week the app was installed and "1" the week after.

Selecting Report Level will decide the granularity of the data. The "Creative" level will include all trackers while "Network" will only include the "Network Tracker" dimension.

Select the Additional Dimensions you are interested in. There are no limit on how many you can select and the metric totals will always be the same independent of your selection.

You can select the same attribution, ad spend mode and timezone settings that you have in the Adjust dashboard, namely:

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