How to Connect Instagram Insights

What to keep in mind when connecting an Instagram Insights (by Meta) data source

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To connect an Instagram account to funnel a few criteria has to be met.  

The Instagram account has to be a business account. It also has to be connected to a Facebook page. Once the Instagram business account is connected to a page, any Facebook user who is able to perform tasks on behalf of that page can connect the Instagram business account to Funnel.

An Instagram account can be converted to a business account at any time.

If you have connected with the Media insights report, any media that was posted before the Instagram account was converted to a business account will have zero values for the following metrics:

  • Impressions

  • Reach

  • Engagement

  • Saved

  • Carousel Album Impressions

  • Carousel Album Reach

  • Carousel Album Engagement

  • Carousel Album Saved

If you have connected with the Account insights report there will only be data available from the time when the account was converted to a business account.

You can read more about common issues that may arise when connecting to Instagram Insights in Instagram Insights - Troubleshooting

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