Twitter Organic – Troubleshooting
Common issues when connecting and downloading Twitter Organic data
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General info

Twitter Organic data in Funnel is fetched from the Twitter Ads API. Since the data is organic, it is not displayed in Twitter Ads manager. Organic data for tweets can be found on the Tweet Activity page. To view the Tweet Activity page, log on to and navigate to Tweets.

The Tweet Activity page contains a dashboard, Tweet Lists and .CSV export functionality. Comparing these can be tricky since they report on three different sets of metrics, read more here. To view data for organic tweets, click on the Tweets tab below the dashboard.

Note: Tweets with no activity (e.g. Impressions, Likes, Engagements etc.) will not be present within Funnel.

For more detailed troubleshooting steps, please see the sections below:

I can't connect a source / my connection has stopped working and doesn't download data

If your Twitter connection has stopped working and doesn't download data into Funnel, it could be because Funnel doesn't have access to your twitter account. To check if this is the case, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account on, then click "More" (3 dots logo).

  2. Click "Settings and Privacy".

  3. Click "Account", then under "Data and Permissions", click "Apps and Sessions".

  4. Is there a app there? Good, we have access.
    If not, the reason could be the following:

Accounts not fully set up on the Ads API are not available for Funnel to access

In particular, this may affect Analytics accounts that are not fully set up on the Ads API and fetch organic analytics. This change was made by Twitter to maintain consistency across the Ads API and to keep it focused on ads accounts and ads use cases.

In order to continue to be able to access these ads accounts, you must complete the one-time setup. To do so, follow the instructions on Twitter Ads account creation setup.

I have gone to and there is already an ads account set up. Do I need to set up a campaign for the connector to work?

A campaign does not have to be started or paid for in order to use the account with the Ads API. However, the account itself must be fully set up. This has to be done on and includes adding the country and time zone as well as entering billing information. Details on the billing basics process can be found here.


  • It’s necessary to enter your billing information to complete your ads account and start your campaign.

  • The account itself must be fully set up. If the flow prompts you to create a campaign, go ahead and create a campaign and pause it immediately to avoid incurring costs.

I've done all of the above and it's still not working - what do I do now?

If you've completed the above setup and made sure that your Ads account is fully set up, there are two more options to try. However, they should not be attempted without first trying the above steps as the connector won't work without your account being properly set up in the first place.

  1. Wait a couple of hours
    It can take a little while for Twitter to update the account changes. Waiting an hour or two can solve the issue by itself.

  2. Revoke and re-add permissions
    If none of the above has worked, you may try the following:
    Revoke and re-add Funnel permissions in TW platform for the handle.

I have a lot of connections/accounts, do I need to update credentials for each?

You would only need to manually reconnect 1 source for each set of credentials, the rest of the sources using the same credentials will then start working again.

Why cannot one or more of my sources download data?

Multiple sources downloading huge amount of tweets using the same Twitter Ads account

Twitter's API limits the number of simultaneous Tweet Activity reports running on a per-Twitter Ads account basis. In the case of a source having many tweets, including mentions and replies, the number of API requests becomes very large. If there are several such sources connected using the same Twitter Ads account, the API limits can be reached and thus the download fails. If you believe that you have encountered this problem, you can pause or remove unused sources.

Why doesn't my Twitter Analytics and Funnel data match?

Tweet Activity Dashboard data does not match data in Funnel

Twitter data in Funnel is not expected to fully match the data seen in the Tweet Activity Dashboard.

This is because Funnel fetches data from the Twitter Ads API, which reflects the data in Twitter Ads manager. Since the data in the Tweet Activity Dashboard is not the same as the data in the Twitter Ads manager, the Tweet Activity Dashboard and Funnel data will differ. 

Although the data is not expected to roll up 100%, the data in Funnel should be in the same order of magnitude when compared to the Tweet Activity dashboard.

Tweet Activity data in Tweet Lists does not match data in Funnel

The data for a tweet on the Tweet Activity Dashboard are lifetime values while the tweet data in Funnel has a per-day granularity. This means that in order to compare tweet data from the Tweet Activity Dashboard with the tweet data in Funnel, the date range in Funnel data explorer has to be set to the lifetime of the tweet, i.e. from the day of the tweet or earlier, to today's date.

The data explorer in Funnel will then sum the values for the selected metrics which now can be compared to the lifetime values of a Tweet in Tweet Lists.

A promoted Tweet can still have organic data

Note that If a tweet is promoted it can still have organic data. The organic part of a promoted tweet's data is then available through the Twitter Organic connector, while the other part is available through the Twitter connector.

For Twitter Organic, Link Clicks in Funnel represents Link Clicks in the Twitter Ads API. Link Clicks in the Twitter Analytics UI however, does not correspond to Link Clicks in the Twitter Ads API.

Link Clicks in the Twitter Analytics UI is instead represented by App Clicks in the Twitter Ads API. This conversely means Link Clicks in the Twitter Analytics UI is represented by App Clicks in Funnel.

The common metric Clicks in Funnel will always represent Link Clicks from the Twitter Analytics UI. 

Why do I have inconsistent metrics?

All Tweet Activity metrics for a Tweet in Tweet Lists are not present in Funnel

Funnel fetches organic Twitter data from the Twitter Ads API, where the available metric groups for organic data are the engagement and video metric groups.

All of the metrics in these groups are not displayed in the Tweet Activity Dashboard. Similarly, all of the metrics in the Tweet Activity Dashboard are not available through the Ads API. 

The metrics that both Twitter Ads API and Tweet Activity Dashboard have in common and which can be found in Funnel, are the following: Impressions, Engagements, Retweets, Likes, Replies. 

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