Troubleshooting YouTube
Common issues when connecting and downloading YouTube data
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I'm having issues connecting a YouTube channel

Our YouTube connector uses YouTube’s targeted queries channel reports. This means that in order to get performance data for a channel’s videos, you need to connect to Youtube with a channel that has uploaded videos, using the credentials for the particular channel in question.

Funnel can access YouTube's API in the following two situations:

  • The channel is owned by a normal user account and the YouTube credentials used in Funnel to connect are that user's credentials, i.e. the owner's.

  • The channel is owned by a brand account and the YouTube credentials used in Funnel to connect have been granted access to the channel, e.g. as a manager.

YouTube provides the following help articles on how to create and transfer channel ownership to a YouTube brand account and on how to manage access to a channel owned by a brand account.

Do note that for Funnel to be able to access YouTube's API when using a brand account, access levels in YouTube must be configured in a specific way by the owner of the brand account:

1. Go to
2. Select YouTube brand account

3. Select Manage Permissions under Brand Account details

4. Add a user

I'm not getting data for the most recent dates

Due to data volatility the YouTube API doesn't return data for the most recent days.

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