This feature is not included in all subscriptions. Contact us if you are interested.

User Permissions is an additional feature on top of the basic User roles and permissions. Additional abilities are added to restrict users' write permissions to individual accounts.

Basic user roles

First, let us revisit and summarize the basic user roles offered to all Funnel subscriptions:

  • Subscription owner: Read/write access to all accounts within the subscription
  • Subscription member: Read/write access to all accounts the user has been invited to
  • Report user: Limited read access to reports only

Account level user permissions

With this additional feature, the subscription member role is split into two separate account roles: Editors and Viewers.


Editors have full access to the account, including:

  • Invite and remove users
  • Change Editor/Viewer permissions for other users
  • Edit everything within an account (create and change data sources, custom metric and dimensions, edit exports etc)


Viewers can access and see all parts of an account, but cannot modify anything.

  • Cannot invite other users
  • Cannot modify edit anything within an account (including data sources, metrics and dimensions, edit exports etc).
  • Can still export to Google Sheets or CSV on demand (not scheduled)

Editor and Viewer permissions are given to users on an account level, meaning that one user can be an Editor in one account and Viewer in another.

Creating Accounts

With the User Permissions feature enabled, creation of new accounts are limited to subscription owners only.

Managing permissions as an Editor

As an Editor, users' permissions can be seen and changed on the account's users page:

New users can be invited as Viewers directly:

Managing permissions as Subscription owner

As a subscription owner, you have access to more powerful tools for managing permissions across multiple accounts. You can find them under the Subscription administration page. Access it by clicking on Subscription on the top right dropdown:

Depending on what you want to do, there are several ways to change a user's permissions.

Permissions Overview

To get an overview of your users' permissions, go to the Users tab. By default you will see a list of your subscription's users. As permissions are account specific, you'll have to check the 'Show by account' checkbox to see your users' account permissions.

User permissions across multiple accounts

To change a user's permissions, click on a name. This screen allows you to control which permissions a user should have on different accounts

Account permissions across multiple users

If you want to change permissions on multiple users on one account, go to the Accounts tab and then click on an account:

From here, one can quickly change permissions of all users on that specific account.

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