Sizmek Advertising Suite - Troubleshooting
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Why aren't my credentials working?

Customers will need specific Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) credentials which are not the same as those that are used for SAS's platform. Please contact SAS for help regarding this matter. Additionally, credentials are reset every three months by SAS and must be renewed.

What data can I get from Sizmek Advertising Suite?

For a list of metrics and dimensions available, please refer to:

Please note that some fields are not available in the country report, check out the article above for specifics.

Why do I have "Funnel report templates" in my Sizmek UI?

When you connect a Sizmek Advertising Suite source in Funnel we automatically create a report template in your Sizmek account. This is needed in order for us to fetch data from your Sizmek account. If you connect multiple sources in Funnel it will create multiple report templates. This is also the case if an error occurs when fetching data, we need to create a new report template.

Please do not remove Funnel report templates, they are essential for the integration to work. If you need to remove them for clean up purposes, please contact us and we can give you guidance which ones is safe to remove.

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