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Common issues when connecting a Bing source
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How to successfully connect a Bing Ads data source

Campaigns and/or metrics are missing

I have connected a source successfully but it retrieves no data

If you have successfully connected a source but Data Explorer shows no data, it means that your account has the right permissions to connect to Bing Ads, but lacks the permissions to access that specific campaign. Choose another pair of credentials and try again.

Restrictions with the Goals, Keyword and Product Dimension report

The Goals, Keyword and Product Dimension report does not support certain campaign types, such as “Shopping”, “Dynamic Search”, or “Audience”, and
Keyword reports does not support ad groups of type "Dynamic".

Furthermore, the Goals are only attributed to conversion metrics (as seen in What data can I get from Bing), not to other fields e.g. Spend, Clicks, and Impressions.

Paused campaigns may not be visible in Funnel if the report type is less than "Campaign" level.

Missing Ad title and Ad Description for Responsive Search Ads or Responsive Ads

Currently Ad title and Ad description are not available from the Microsoft Ads reporting API for these types of ads.

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