If you cannot connect/re-connect your Bing source
If you need to remove your credentials

If Campaigns and/or Metrics are missing
If a dimension is live/visible but brings no value/is empty

Update permissions and give user consent to existing credentials

If your data source has stopped working due to a credentials error stating that you must update your credentials to regrant user consent, try the following steps:

  1. In Funnel, select your data source and choose "Reconnect".

  2. Select "New Credentials".

  3. Select the same Bing account as used earlier.

  4. Give user consent.

  5. Reconnect.

If your account does not have access to Bing Ads

You may get the error "Your account does not have access to Bing Ads" if any of the following are correct:

  • Your Bing credentials / account is not a member of the organisation from which you are trying to access data.

  • Your Bing credentials / account does not have access to the Bing Ads product specifically.

  • The admin account of your organisation has not yet given your Bing credentials / account the correct consent needed by the Funnel app. You will therefore have to send a request for consent approval to the admin of your organisation. Below is an example of how it might look if your account lack permissions to give the correct consent needed by the Funnel app:

Authentication failed

If you cannot connect or re-connect your Bing source, try the following:

  1. Ensure that multi-factor authentication has been enabled for your Microsoft account.

  2. Connect a new source or reconnect an existing source in Funnel.

  3. Create a new set of credentials. You should be prompted to enter an email address. If you're not prompted (i.e. the sign-in process starts automatically) then sign out of www.bing.com or use your browser in Private/Incognito mode, and try again. 

  4. If Microsoft states that your account exists both as a "Work or school account" and a "Personal account", select the option that was used when you got access to Bing Ads. If you don't know which one to use, pick "Personal account" and if that doesn't work, try "Work account".

Please note that a Microsoft email address could actually be 'connected' as both personal and work accounts in Microsoft.

How do I remove my credentials before creating a new set?

To be able to remove a set of credentials you will need to remove the bing sources that are using them.

Campaigns and/or metrics are missing

Restrictions with the Goals, Keyword and Product Dimension report

The Goals, Keyword and Product Dimension report does not support certain campaign types, such as “Shopping”, “Dynamic Search”, or “Audience”, and
Keyword reports does not support ad groups of type "Dynamic".

Furthermore, the Goals are only attributed to conversion metrics (as seen in What data can I get from Bing), not to other fields e.g. Spend, Clicks, and Impressions.

Paused campaigns may not be visible in Funnel if the report type is less than "Campaign" level.

Dimension is visible/live but contains no data

If a dimension is live/visible but empty, this is usually the case of having connected the wrong report type. Please look through What data can I get from Bing? to ensure that you have the correct report type connected for the particular field.

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