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Tableau Connector v2 (Beta)

Setup and migration guide for our new Tableau Connector v2 (Beta)

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About the Connector

We have built a new Tableau connector using Tableau’s Web Data Connector 3.0. This Tableau Connector v2 will eventually replace our existing Tableau connector v1 when Tableau stops supporting WDC 2.0.

Our Tableau Connector v2 is currently still in Beta. It is ready for early access, and we would love any feedback you have on the experience of using the connector and how it performs.

Our Tableau Connector v1 will be deprecated and removed from Tableau at the end of 2024.

Note: This connector does NOT work with Tableau Cloud/Online

Migration Steps

1. Download the Connector

  1. Login to Funnel

  2. Go to the page Share / Tableau

  3. Click on the expandable section “Download Tableau Connector v2”

  4. Click on the download link

  5. You should now have a funnel .taco file on your computer

2. Install the Connector for Tableau Desktop

  1. Move the downloaded funnel .taco file into the folder below (if the folder does not exist, create it):

    1. Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Connectors

    2. macOS: Documents/My Tableau Repository/Connectors

  2. Delete any older versions of the connector from the "Connectors" folder

  3. Restart Tableau Desktop

  4. You should now be able to find the connector Funnel by Funnel under "Connect to a Server" in Tableau Desktop

3. Install the Connector for Tableau Server

The following steps need to be done by the Tableau Server Administrator.

  1. Move the downloaded funnel .taco file into the folder below (if the folder does not exist, create it):

    1. Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Connectors

    2. Linux: /opt/tableau/connectors

  2. Contact Funnel support and give us the following information:

    1. Your Tableau Server URL

  3. You will get the following information that you will need when running the tsm commands below:

    1. client_id

    2. client_secret

  4. Run the commands:

    1. > tsm configuration set -k oauth.config.clients -v "[{\"\":\"funnel\", \"oauth.config.client_id\":\"<client_id>\", \"oauth.config.client_secret\":\"<client_secret>\", \"oauth.config.redirect_uri\":\"<tableau_server_url>/auth/add_oauth_token\"}]" --force-keys

      > tsm pending-changes apply
  5. Login to Tableau Server UI and Click "My Account Settings" and go to the section called "Saved Credentials for Data Sources". Find the connector called "Funnel by Funnel" and press "Add". Sign in with your credentials.

  6. Open Tableau Desktop and when publishing a new Workbook. Under Data Source press "Edit" and set "Publish Type" to "Embedded in Workbook" and "Authentication" to "Embed <your_user_name>".

4. Replace Data Source in a Workbook

  1. Open the workbook

  2. Select Data > New Data Source and connect using the Tableau Connector v2 (called “Funnel by Funnel” in Tableau)

  3. Go to the sheet tab and select Data > Replace Data Source

  4. Done!

Tableau help article with more detailed information.

5. Replace Data Source in a Published Workbook

  1. Open the published workbook

  2. Follow the steps above for replacing the data source in the workbook

  3. Publish the workbook and overwrite the workbook that was already published

  4. Done!


Does this connector version support Tableau Cloud / Online?

At the moment there is no support for connectors built with the Web Data Connector 3.0 SDK from Tableau.

How do I give feedback?

Please send us an email at

Additional resources

  • If you want to connect using Tableau Connector v1, follow the steps outlined in this article.

  • Tableau help article on how to setup a connector built on Web Data Connector 3.0 SDK.

  • Tableau help article with more detailed information on how to replace a Data Source in a Workbook.

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