How do I get notifications from Funnel?

Learn how to configure an automatic email notification in case connection errors are detected in your account

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In Funnel, you can set up an automatic email that is sent to one or more email addresses when a connection stops working in one of your accounts. The notification can be set up to be sent daily or once a week at an hour of your choice.

Simply navigate to Data Source Notifications in the left side menu and hit Set up notifications to get started.

Choose which warnings you would like to be notified about, a time of day to be notified and then the frequency of the notifications once a connection error is detected, then enter an email address (or multiple separated by commas) to which the notification should be sent.

Lastly, you can choose to set the notifications to be sent even if no errors are detected, basically sending an "all clear" email!

Hit Save when you're done - you can always come back and edit this notification at a later time to add more recipients, for example.

If you try to avoid generating more email for your inbox and prefer to get notified in Slack, read this article to learn how to forward Funnel notification emails to a Slack channel! 

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