Once you have familiarised yourself with the metrics and dimensions that are available to you in Funnel, it's time to weigh your options on what to do with it next! Funnel's core service is acting as an automated collection and mapping platform for Google Analytics and ad performance data, but you can apply different functions on top of that using various products. Find the most appropriate choice(s) for your use case below and dive deeper into the possibilities they offer:

Google Looker Studio Connector

Get all your advertising data directly into Google Data Studio through one connector.

Tableau Connector

The Tableau Connector enables you to access your Funnel data directly in Tableau.

Microsoft Power BI Connector

The Power BI Connector makes it easy for you to access all your Funnel data directly from Power BI Desktop.

Google Sheets Upload

Data straight to Google Sheets from all advertising platforms.

Data Warehouse Connectors

Advertising data from over 400 platforms delivered with our data warehouse connectors for Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, Snowflake, SFTP, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Blog Storage.

Google Analytics Upload

Automatic upload of cost data to Google Analytics.

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