You can define your own reports for use with our DoubleClick Bid Manager/DV360 connector. You first create a report in your DV360 account. You'll find the option to create new reports in DV360 under Insights > Reports > Offline Reporting > Create New Report.

To make the report works with Funnel, make sure that scheduling is turned off, "File Type" is set to "CSV", and include "Date" as a dimension. Also make sure that any monetary metrics included use Advertiser Currency. You can read more about what metrics and dimensions you can include in your report here.

Once you've finished your report, create a new connection to DoubleClick Bid Manager. In the connect dialog, choose "Custom Report" and click next.
It will then show all reports you have that are created with the right settings.

Currently, Funnel can't import non-aggregatable metrics from DBM. 

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