The Appnexus connector has 3 different report types, Advertiser analytics, Video Analytics and Pixel analytics. The three reports all have the same dimensions but different metrics, see below.

Advertiser analytics report
Select this report for most advertiser related data.

Attributed revenue
Click conversions rate
Click throughput
Click-through rate
Conversion rate
Conversion rate per million
Impressions viewed
Media cost
Revenue eCPA
Revenue eCPC
Revenue eCPM
Total conversions
Total revenue
View Measurement Rate
View Rate
View measured impressions
Post click conversions
Post click conversions rate
Post click revenue
Post view conversions
Post view conversions rate
Post view revenue

Video analytics report
Select this report to get data about video views.

100% complete
25% complete
50% complete
75% complete

Pixel analytics report
Select this to get data on conversions for specific tracking pixels. This report can show data for a maximum of 10 pixels!

All the following metrics are present for every selected pixel:
[pixel name] Post View Revenue
[pixel name] Post View Conversions
[pixel name] Post Click Revenue
[pixel name] Post Click Conversions

All report types contain the same dimensions as listed below:
Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name
Campaign ID
Campaign Name
Country Name
Creative ID
Creative Name
Insertion Order ID
Insertion Order Name
Line Item ID
Line Item Name

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