General info

Report type

When connecting a source in Funnel you'll get prompted to choose Report Type.
Standard here is the same as Campaign performance.

Conversions mismatches

If you have a problem with a conversion mismatch the most common one's we've noticed are explained here: Why can't I see all my Google Ads (AdWords) conversions?. Another thing you can check is the conversion window. We only collect the last 35 days by default. This means that if a conversion gets registered after the 35 day period then it won't be imported to Funnel. If you think this might be the case then we can do some configuring on our side and maybe be able to circumvent this situation.

Connect issues

If you have a problem when connecting a source then a common reason could be that you've connected a Google account on the wrong "level". This is explained here: About access levels in your Google Ads Account

Missing Fields

Sometimes we've noticed that fields display name and id in Adwords/Google Ads is not the same. Please have a quick look here: All report reference and make sure that we don't already support your missing field but that it is called something else.

Miscellaneous quirks


It is not possible to compare a keyword report with a view with a campaign breakdown. We're not quite sure why this happens, but we've had a few cases where the cost differentiates when connecting a keyword report in Funnel and comparing it with a campaign view in the Google Ads UI.
Suggestion: Make sure that you connect the source on the right Report Level. Keyword/Placement is only available on ad level.

Local campaigns

Several customers have reached out to us asking why their local campaigns are not being pulled into Funnel. This is because local campaigns are not supported by the Google Ads API.

Geo Dimensions

During connect there is an option to include Geo Dimensions. If chosen, a different report type will be downloaded called "Geo Performance Report". It is not possible to compare data between this report and "Campaign Performance Report", which is the default report type we download. Also, some fields that are possible to get through the standard report won't be downloaded anymore.

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