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Fair usage policy for Funnel

Learn how to avoid timeouts and bad performance in Funnel

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Funnel is built to handle massive amounts of data and will scale to even the largest of use cases. That said, in order to achieve the best performance for yourself as well as for other Funnel users, and to comply with platforms’ API requirements, we have a set of fair usage limits.

General connector and volume limits

  • Number of individual Data Sources:

    • 1,000 per Workspace

    • 10,000 per Data Source type (across all Workspaces)

    • 40,000 per Subscription (across all Workspaces)

  • Data Sources added or reconfigured: 1,500 updates per Data Source type and day

  • Number of metrics and dimensions: 5,000 per workspace

  • Number of data rows:

    • 1,000,000 per individual Data Source and day

    • 500,000,000 per exported part (file or table partition) when exporting data per day or month (not single part). For file destinations (S3, GCS, Blob storage) this assumes that you are using our GZIP option otherwise the limit is around 30,000,000 when disabling GZIP.

    • 500,000 per export file for Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel / Google Analytics 4 Data Shares

Facebook Ads API limits

Meta places additional limits on all their customers’ API usage, which means that Facebook Ads has these limits in addition to the general limits outlined above:

  • 500 data source connects or reconfigures per day

  • No more than 5 data sources per Facebook ad account, on average

Most Funnel customers will never come close to these limits but if you find yourself at or near the limit please reach out to our support and we'll be happy to assist in finding a solution.

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