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Working with Integration Engineering - Custom Connectors 101
Working with Integration Engineering - Custom Connectors 101
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Who are the Integration Engineering team?

We’re a team of engineers that build Custom Connectors - that is, custom-made integrations from your unique data source into Funnel.

Benefits of a Custom Connector

  • Connect to virtually any marketing app or platform with a connector built exclusively for you. Read more about Custom Connector capabilities here.

  • Fully managed connectors that deliver the same high reliability as Core Connectors

What should I expect from the Integration Engineering team?

We strive to understand your needs for a Custom Connector, and then evaluate and build a solution as quickly as we can while maintaining our standard of high quality, scalability, and dependability. Depending on the nature of your needs and the unique data source you want a Custom Connector for, evaluation and build times will vary.

Things to keep in mind when working with us

  • We’re not a managed service: we’ll have a dialogue with you to build your Custom Connector. We’ll seek to understand what data you need, where it is coming from, and nuances of your use case.

  • We’ll communicate with you over email - we prioritise communication that preserves detail.

  • We don’t provide estimates on the time it takes to evaluate and build Custom Connectors. Every source and use case is unique, and built to your needs!

  • We pride ourselves on rapid response times and have time-to-completion averages that are the very best in the industry.

  • We proactively monitor, update, and manage the Custom Connector for the life of the contract.

Where do I find Custom Connectors?

On the Funnel Website

When searching for names of platforms or applications on the Data Connectors page you may see that some logos will be marked with a custom icon in the top right. This means that the integration with that platform is currently set up using a Custom Connector and is not generally available via the Core Connector library.

In the Funnel Application

In order to begin the process of developing a Custom Connector, you must first submit a Custom Connector Request. Please refer to this article for all the steps needed to find where and how to submit your request.

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