If you have tried troubleshooting your data and still have not found an explanation for your issue, please contact us so that we can help you find the root cause. In order to help you, we need you to provide us with three pieces of information:

1) The source name and IDs available under "Data sources" in Funnel

Copy the grey text under the name of the data source:

2) A screenshot from the data source platform

Make sure your screen shot

  • shows data for a single day. Not today or yesterday as recent data might take a few days to stabilize in the data source

  • shows the same dimensions that you're comparing with in Funnel

  • contains the entire browser window, including URL and, if possible, account ID, currency and similar.

It's also helpful for us to know when the screen shot was taken.

Make sure the Data Explorer view you're linking to is showing the same data as you're comparing it with in the data source platform:

  • The same date range

  • The same dimensions

  • The same metrics

  • No filters appliedĀ 

When you have provided us with the above mentioned information via the Support chat or email, we will explore the cause of the mismatch. This might take some time, but we will keep you posted about any progress. If we need your help or further information, we will get in touch!

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